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Gaia Circle

Registration for Gaia Circle’s spring session is open now

Gaia Circle is a FREE program for 6-8th graders, and meets at Ithaca Children’s Garden on Fridays from 4:00-6:00 pm.

Our spring session starts on Friday, May 6th, registration is open now.

This program exists in partnership with the Advocacy Center, Ithaca Children’s Garden, and Rural Youth Services, with generous support from the City Federation of Women’s Organizations, Women Building Community.

Gaia Circle

Gaia Circle is for middle school aged grrrls of all kinds: those who love their girl selves, those who are uncomfortable with girlness, or those for whom girlness has never felt right; those who haven’t thought much about what it means to be a girl, and those who feel no gender limits at all. In addition to encouraging curiosity, respect, and gratitude for the natural world around us, Gaia Circle encourages the same attitude of exploration, respect, and care as we learn about ourselves with each other.

Gaia Circle aims to reduce stress and increase connection to peers, to nature, and to yourself!

Individual and group choices likely to include gardening, art, science, sitspots, birdwatching, daydreaming, and an openness to see where the day takes us.

Gaia Circle observing tadpoles at the Rice Paddy Pond

Ithaca Children’s Garden welcomes ALL

Ithaca Children’s Garden welcomes all members of our community to participate in all programs and activities offered by Ithaca Children’s Garden regardless of ability. We encourage all members and volunteers of Ithaca Children’s Garden to support an inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone. Learn more about ICG’s Inclusion Policy and/or submit an accommodations request here.

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