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Muddy Habitats

Lots of humans of all ages LOVE to play in mud.  Did you know that there are lots of wild animals that NEED muddy places for their survival? When you play at Ithaca Children’s Garden, you have probably splashed in the bioswale, the wet area

All About Animals!

Peak your little ones’ interest in the creatures surrounding us with these activities that are all about animals! Create Window Decals to Prevent Bird Collisions Help protect our feathered friends with this easy and fun DIY. Materials: Elmer’s glue Dish soap Plastic wrap Paintbrush Markers

At home birding activities!

How do we stay connected to nature from inside our homes? ICG Philanthropy Associate Tori Chamberlin is staying connected to nature from home by birdwatching right from her window! Want to spark a love of birds in your little – or not so little! –

Animal Tracking

Animal tracking can help you realize that there are always creatures around, even when you’re feeling lonely! When you’re out walking, invite your child to look around to see what prints they can find. If your child doesn’t know what made the track, invite them