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Wetlands & Bioswale

Discover the marshy magic of the Garden’s hidden gem.

Beneath the bridge from the Bird Habitat Garden to the Troll House, the Bioswale and Wetlands can be found. This enchanting space is full of secret passageways, lush and wild plant growth, and plenty of creatures to be discovered. Stretching all the way to Gaia, the Wetlands provide the marshy habitat that many animals thrive in including turtles, salamanders, frogs, aquatic insects, birds and so much more.  If you stay quiet and search thoughtfully, a real turtle may reveal itself to you.

As you get farther from the bridge, the cattails grow thick and hide the Discovery Docks from view. These docks can be accessed near Gaia’s head and allow a new perspective on the Wetlands habitat and the creatures that call this place home.

The Discovery Docks were made possible thanks to a grant from the Tompkins County Tourism Program.