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Support ICG’s Scholarship Fund


Thank You For Helping Children Bloom at ICG.

A group of kids at Ithaca Children's Garden celebrate the green outdoors with beaming smiles.
Support ICG's Scholarship Fund

The only way we can offer Tompkins County’s most progressive scholarship program is with the generous support of our community – with YOUR support. Your gift isn’t just a donation; it’s an investment in the future. Parents report that ICG programs spark lasting interests in gardening, bettering the care for plants and animals, and boosting self-awareness, confidence, and social relationships – even influencing future careers!

Hear from Sarah, a parent whose child attends Afterschool @ ICG and ICG Summer Camp.

“My son just loves it there. He wouldn’t do well if he had to be inside afterschool. I was encouraged to apply for a scholarship, and it was so incredibly helpful. I just didn’t have a full-time afterschool budget as a single mom. Dad’s not around at all, so I had no financial support. My scholarship isn’t huge, but it’s just enough to take a big weight off my shoulders. It’s one less thing to worry about.”

Today, we need your support for ICG’s Scholarship Fund to support Tompkins County’s most progressive scholarship program. Help make sure we meet the community need!

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