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Anti-Racism Resources

You belong here.

Ithaca Children’s Garden acknowledges that there is still much work to be done in achieving racial equity, justice, and inclusion. We have said: “We must do more, we must do better, and we must do it now.”.

We recognize that historically BIPOC have not felt safe or welcome, in green spaces. As we stand on land that was stolen from their ancestors, we acknowledge our hand in upholding white supremacy, through cultural misappropriation, through silence, through ignorance, and a lack of empathy.

Our mission to connect children to nature to create a more beautiful, resilient, and just world is not achievable without first reckoning with every way inaction has fostered inequity. We are at the base of this mountain, and ready for the long, arduous climb still ahead.

Ithaca Children’s Garden is for ALL children.

Take a rock, learn their story

Ithaca Children’s Garden welcomes every child to play in nature. Each team member and volunteer at Ithaca Children’s Garden supports an inclusive and safe environment for everyone. Learn more about ICG’s Inclusion Policy and/or submit an accommodations request here.

ICG's Inclusion Policy

Contact 607-319-4203 or for more information.

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