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Bees & Hens

Meet Our Busy Bees

At the west edge of the Garden, a Langstroth hive, located atop the pergola between the Kitchen Garden and parking lot, just south of the farm stand. This hive was originally installed to hold a colony that was rescued and relocated from the Stewart Park main pavilion in summer 2014. Since then, ICG has been home to a number of honeybee colonies thanks to the consistent love and care of ICG’s resident beekeeper, Marvin Pritts, who also offers captivating bee education programs and honey tasting for ICG program participants and guests who happen to be there on the right day.

Meet our Royal Hens

Chicken princesses and queens are an important part of our Garden Ecosystem.

Cluckingham Palace is a moveable chicken coop designed with a raised bed footprint underneath, to allow its easy movement from one bed to another. Our royal hens scratch and fertilize the soil, removing weed seed and grubs, while providing nutrients, aeration, and organic matter to the soil. The chickens provide eggs, antics, and numerous educational opportunities for visitors and program participants.

Our royal hens come each season to delight our visitors and help us with important garden work.

Thanks to Alan Vogel and friends for building Cluckingham Palace, and our incredible moveable chicken tractor; to Marvin Pritts for building and installing the beehives, and serving as our beekeeper and bee educator; and to Busy Bee Market in Interlaken for sponsoring the two honeybee hives.

Please get in touch if you would like to sponsor Cluckingham Palace and our Royal Flock.