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Inclusion Policy

Welcoming all members of our community

Ithaca Children’s Garden welcomes all members of our community to participate in all programs and activities offered by Ithaca Children’s Garden regardless of ability. We encourage all visitors, participants, supporters, and volunteers of Ithaca Children’s Garden to support an inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone.

What we strive to do:

  • Recognize that each individual is unique and has their own interests and skills
  • Put people first, focus on what they can do, and find out how they want to participate
  • Ask each individual–and their parents if the participant is a child–for their advice about what modifications would help them to participate
  • Where reasonable and feasible, make adjustments to our programs and facilities to reasonably accommodate participation*
  • Communicate with people and share Ithaca Children’s Garden information in appropriate ways and formats so that all can read and/or understand
  • Create an environment that supports, reflects, and promotes equitable and inclusive behaviors and practices
  • Create a sense of belonging where diverse identities, backgrounds, abilities, and interests are respected and valued, and where people are given opportunities to express themselves, develop, and be recognized for their contribution and achievements
  • Implement and evaluate policies to ensure that people can play and participate in Ithaca Children’s Garden programs and activities without discrimination, harassment, or bullying

What we ask you to do:

  • Tell us what we can do to help include you in programs, activities, or informal visitation
    • Please use this form to submit an accommodations request, email the form to or mail it to 1001 W Seneca St, Suite 101, Ithaca, NY 14850
    • If the form presents barriers please use whatever means available to you to connect with us, phone, email, text, relaying a message with the best way to reach you
    • Ithaca Children’s Garden staff will follow up with any questions
    • All requests will be reviewed and decided upon*
  • Understand that we will strive to do our best to make reasonable adjustments and/or modifications to facilitate your participation and positive experience*
  • Talk to us if you have any concerns about accessibility or inclusion, or ideas to help Ithaca Children’s Garden improve in these areas
  • Consider us your partner in promoting a more inclusive community and world, in and beyond Ithaca Children’s Garden

Reasonable Accommodations Request Form

*Decisions on reasonable and feasible accommodations will be made by Ithaca Children’s Garden, and will depend on multiple factors including responsiveness to Garden’s natural areas and ecosystems, impact on all program users and visitors, and fit and cost to Ithaca Children’s Garden.

**This policy was adapted from policy language provided by Finger Lakes Independence Center (FLIC) and FLIC serves as a resource and advisor to ICG in matters related to reasonable accommodation.

Download Inclusion form (PDF)