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Houseplant Meet & Greet

Get to you know your houseplant with this Meet & Greet activity! Share what your houseplant looks, smells, and feels like; draw what it looks now and imagine what it’ll look like in 5 years! If you don’t have access to a printer, no problem,

Indoor Growing: House Plants

Make New Houseplants with a Rooting Pot Create a specialized rooting pot for easy at-home propagation! 6-7″ pot with drain holes 2.5″ clay pot, vermiculite Paper towels Small cork or florist’s clay Sharp scissors Approximate Time to Complete: 30 minutes for planting, severals weeks for cuttings

Introducing Community Grows: Houseplants

I imagine this won’t be a surprise to you, but here at ICG, we love plants. Yet some of us might be feeling that our opportunities to connect with plants outside might be more limited right now. Good news – growing houseplants is an easy