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Full Day Summer Camp – Willows: Ages 6-10

Four themes will rotate throughout this summer: Eco-Explorers, Garden Magic, Art-venture is Out There! and for the first time, Green Guardians. Our very last week will include camp favorites so children who attend can get a variety of activities offered throughout the summer.

2023 Summer Camp lottery registration is open! 

To attend Willows camp, campers must have completed Kindergarten.

Register for Willows Camp


Register for Willows Camp

June 26-30 or July 24-28

Grab your gear! We’re off to explore the many habitats of ICG; wade in the wetlands, wind through the meadow and trek the forest. 

Discover the plants and animals that make these ecosystems their home. When not out on an adventure, we’ll tinker, build, and create using recycled materials and what we can scavenge from nature. We’ll restore, upcycle, convert and invent everything from sculptures to simple machines.


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July 3-7 or July 31-August 4

Potions and spells, fairies and elves — summer is a magical time at ICG. 

Let your imagination guide you through an enchanting week of small worlds and magical memory-making.  Mix potions, build elf and fairy houses, and weave wands; explore majestic trees and magical herbs. Appropriate for all young wizards, witches, fairies, and elves.  Wings and wands welcome. Please leave pet dragons at home.


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July 17-21 or August 14-18

Calling all of those with green thumbs!  Come experience all stages of gardening, from planting seeds to harvesting vegetables, and all of the creatures that make it happen, from pollinators to decomposers.

This week, we will plant, harvest, compost, and taste the delights of our very own Kitchen Garden.  Learn to start a garden, tend to plants, and use fresh food to give your growing body the nutrients it needs. Smell the flowers from our Kitchen Garden and Wildflower Meadow while discovering the helpers they attract. Come play, learn, and grow in this new camp week!


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July 10-14 or August 7-11

Come be your creative selves and explore the abundance of natural materials in the Garden!

Collect inspiration and materials to make beautiful art in -and from- the Garden. Try your hand at creating land art, learn the beginning steps of woodworking, source natural resources for artistic creations, and use food to make delicious and beautiful masterpieces. Educators will share their knowledge in culinary mixings, fire-making, and fine art skills. Campers will have an opportunity to discover their muse, find their inspiration, and take their projects, and delicacies, from concept to masterpiece.


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August 21-25

Explore the Garden and enjoy a menu of favorite activities from all the camp themes. Mentors will carefully select activities from earlier weeks in the summer with a few spaces for campers to take the lead on what is exciting to them. You may find magic in the Garden during this week or build unique forts or discover the creatures of the wetlands. This is a truly unique experience and we can’t wait to see what possibilities emerge!