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Soil Jar Science

Learn what your soil is made of with our Soil Jar Science experiment! Materials: 1 pint or quart glass jar with a tight fitting lid Water Liquid dish soap Soil Shovel or trowel Head outside and dig a hole. Aim to go at least 6-8

Gardeners to Know and Grow With

Every day people in your neighborhood, in your community, and around the world are planting gardens, tending plants, and harvesting food to share with others. Here we’ll introduce you to four amazing people who have changed the world through gardening: Ron Finley, Karen Washington, Wangari

Nutrition SuperHeroes

Your plants may not be able to fly, they don’t even wear capes, but they pack a powerful punch when it comes to keeping your body healthy and strong. Let’s get to know the superheroes living in your container garden: Basil It smells good, it

Turtle Sprouts

How to grow Gaia @ Home! On Tuesday, May 26, through contactless distribution, ICG gave 45 Turtle Sprouts kits to three classes at Beverly J. Martin Elementary School so students can connect with nature at home by growing their own turtle! Your family can also

Take a tour of Cornell’s plant grafting Frank Lab!

For weeks, ICG has been collaborating with the amazing team at Cornell’s Frank Lab to create plant science kits that were distributed to every Ithaca City School District student receiving school meals! Learn what plant grafting is and get a behind the scenes look at a Cornell

May 13 & May 20: Ask Me Anything with the Frank Lab

Last Friday, May 8, plant science kits (including vegetable seedlings, seeds, supplies, and lessons) that ICG produced in collaboration with the amazing team at Cornell’s Frank Lab were distributed by school bus to every Ithaca City School District receiving school meals through ICSD’s Farm to

Power Seeds

Seeds are pretty amazing things.  For something so small, they sure do a lot. Each seed has an embryo, or baby plant, as well as nutrients to get it started and a seed coat to protect it. One part of the embryo will become the

How do plants “drink” water?

Have you ever been curious about how plants “drink” water? Just like humans, plants need to move liquids through them to consume nutrients. In this experiment, we’ll add food coloring to water to see the water travel up the stem of celery and color the