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Color Hunt

Color is everywhere from the blues and grays of the sky to the greens and yellows of the grass. For children, color is one of the first and most accessible adjectives to describe their world.  If your walks around the neighborhood need a splash of

Collecting a Journey: Telling the Story of Your Walk

Whether you’re taking a well-worn route around your neighborhood or it’s your first time on a new-to-you forest trail, you can collect items you find along the way to tell a story about your adventure. On your walk, collect items as you go and attach

Nature Observation Activities

Facilitate active engagement with nature through these outdoor observation activities! Finding Your Place in the World Quietly observe an outdoor area and write or draw about what you see, hear, and feel outside. Materials: Writing utensil Clipboard/something hard to write on Approximate Time to Complete:

Rock’n Out with Rocks

Rocks are a great example of natural loose parts. In play, loose parts are materials that can be moved, combined, redesigned, lined up, taken apart and rearranged in many different ways. Loose parts don’t have a defined purpose, rather they are what you make of

Signs of Spring

ICG Educator Lauren Salzman shows us that a great way to celebrate the start of spring with your little one/s is getting outside and looking at the plants to see how the buds are changing. You can then bring a branch inside to observe as

Daily Morning Walks

“A healthy and helpful part of our new family routine has been to get on our boots and go outside for a walk, no matter the weather! This has given us an opportunity to breathe deeply the fresh air, to watch the seasons through the