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Daily Morning Walks

“A healthy and helpful part of our new family routine has been to get on our boots and go outside for a walk, no matter the weather! This has given us an opportunity to breathe deeply the fresh air, to watch the seasons through the dramatic shifts taking place, and to root down to the smaller world of our back yard and neighborhood trails.  We’ve been excited to see buds forming and expanding, flowers bursting, insects flying and sunshine emerge. Our ears have been delighting in the birdsong, and fewer traffic sounds. Our noses have been noticing the wet, muddy spots and the dryer sunny glades. Our feet have also been finding muddy puddles, and experimenting with depth and squishiness. These walks allow us to exercise our bodies, connect with the natural world around us, and share an experience together that is both routine and exciting since every day has so many variables.

Extension idea: Bring a pouch for collecting treasures! My kid loves finding tiny little smooth rocks. Sometimes flowers, leaves or sticks end up in the collection as well.”

– Lauren Salzman, ICG Outreach Educator