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Beginner’s Guide to Nature Journaling

+ A Simple Winter Activity By Annika Ross, ICG Youth Garden Educator I love [nature journaling] because it helps me feel connected to the place I’m living in, to all the creatures and plants and rocks and soil I’m living with. Annika Ross, ICG Youth Garden Educator My Journey into

Child throwing her arms out wide, smiling and happy after climbing Gaia on her own.

The 5 magical ‘whys’ to support ICG’s Scholarship Fund

As a part of Ithaca Children’s Garden’s community , YOU envision a world where EVERY child has the ability to get outside and play! From muddy feet and hands, to bright eyes and belly laughs, experiences in nature are essential for children to grow into strong, confident adults and develop

Animal Tracking

Animal tracking can help you realize that there are always creatures around, even when you’re feeling lonely! When you’re out walking, invite your child to look around to see what prints they can find. If your child doesn’t know what made the track, invite them to use their imagination and

Fairy Gardens

Looking for easy nature activities for your child to do with the materials in your backyard or nearby green space? Build Fairy Gardens! ICG Garden Manager Jean Gerow shares that when she can’t plant outside, she “just goes outside and finds some twigs and leaves and different pieces of plant

Mid-Day Mindfulness Walks

You don’t need to walk far or go to a park or wild space to take a moment to be mindful and present with nature. Start by walking really s…l…o…w. Think about the way the feet feel on the ground and the way the sun or wind or rain feels

Signs of Spring

ICG Educator Lauren Salzman shows us that a great way to celebrate the start of spring with your little one/s is getting outside and looking at the plants to see how the buds are changing. You can then bring a branch inside to observe as it flowers! Spending time in

Daily Morning Walks

“A healthy and helpful part of our new family routine has been to get on our boots and go outside for a walk, no matter the weather! This has given us an opportunity to breathe deeply the fresh air, to watch the seasons through the dramatic shifts taking place, and