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The 5 magical ‘whys’ to support ICG’s Scholarship Fund

As a part of Ithaca Children’s Garden’s community , YOU envision a world where EVERY child has the ability to get outside and play!

From muddy feet and hands, to bright eyes and belly laughs, experiences in nature are essential for children to grow into strong, confident adults and develop life-long relationships with the living world. ICG’s Scholarship Fund opens doors for every child to fill their lives with days of laughter, outdoor adventure, and lasting memories regardless of financial circumstances.

5 reasons to support ICG’s Scholarship Fund:

1. Nurture Children’s Growth in Nature

Research supports the benefits of outdoor nature play for children. Nature sparks curiosity, encourages learning, and nurtures physical and emotional development. By supporting ICG’s Scholarship Fund, you provide children with the vital ingredients they need to thrive.

2. Fuel Belly Laughs and Unforgettable Outdoor Experiences

The joy and happiness children experience during outdoor adventures is truly magical. Your donations directly fund these experiences.

3. Remove Barriers for Families

ICG’s camps and programs offer two-in-one advantages: supplying childcare and unbridled play in nature. The Scholarship Fund ensures equitable and inclusive access for all children, empowering families by removing financial obstacles and providing peace of mind to caregivers.

4. Make Magic Potions Possible

Supporting ICG’s Scholarship Fund means making a real difference in a child’s life. Your contributions bring smiles to their faces, fostering an environment where happiness multiplies and spreads throughout the community.

5. Create a Bright Future for children

One minute is all it takes to make a difference for children. Your support promotes nature access for children, fostering growth, curiosity, and well-being. Let’s work together to support children’s access to quality outdoor programs.

ICG’s Scholarship Fund is dedicated to empowering children’s nature access, ensuring every child can explore and learn through outdoor adventures. By supporting this cause, you become part of a movement that fosters strong, confident, and happy individuals. Let’s come together and impact children’s lives, ensuring that the joy of playing outdoors with friends is a cherished memory for everyone.