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DIY Fairy Herb Garden: Easy Outdoor Craft for Kids

Ages: 5 and Up

A fairy herb garden containing little mushrooms, sea shells, and pine tree leaves — perfect for fairies!

Theme/Big Idea:
Transform a small corner of your world into an enchanting herb garden that nurtures plants and imagination.

Inspired by Ithaca Children’s Garden curriculum.

Supplies & Materials:

  • Terracotta pots or tin cans – If using tin cans, you will also need nails and a hammer to create drainage holes.
  • Soil – The foundation for your plant’s growth.
  • Small sticks or rocks – To assist with drainage and add texture.
  • Seeds – Cilantro or mint seeds are perfect for this project.
  • Fairy Doodads – Think of mushroom figurines, colorful gems, seashells, and sparkly stones to bring your garden to life.
  • Paint pens – For decorating your pots or cans.
  • Water – Essential for your seeds to sprout and grow.


  1. Introduction: Begin by sharing the exciting news with the children: they will be crafting magical gardens to take home! Let them know that while they can sprinkle as much creativity as they like, it is important to ensure the seeds have enough space to sprout and grow.
  2. Preparation: If you’re using tin cans, the first step is to create drainage holes at the bottom. Supervise the children as they take turns gently hammering nails into the cans to achieve this.
  3. Decoration: Encourage the children to express their creativity by decorating the outside of their pot or can with paint pens. Let their imaginations run wild, whether it’s fairy tale scenes or vibrant patterns!
  4. Layering for Drainage: Add a layer of small sticks or stones to fill about a quarter of your container. This is crucial for ensuring proper drainage and preventing water pooling at the bottom.
  5. Planting: Fill the container with soil, leaving enough room to plant the seeds. After planting the seeds, it’s time to decorate the soil surface with your chosen fairy doodads. Arrange them thoughtfully, making sure not to overcrowd the seeds.
  6. Watering: Gently water the newly planted seeds, taking care not to disturb the decorations. The right amount of water will set the stage for your seeds to sprout into beautiful plants.
  7. Celebration: Congratulations! You have now created a whimsical fairy garden. Watch as your seeds grow into lush plants while enjoying the magical world you’ve crafted around them.

Notes for Caregivers and Teachers:

  • Monitor children closely during the activity, especially when using tools like hammers and nails.
  • Encourage children to be creative with their decorations but also to think about the practical needs of the plant.
  • Discuss with the children the importance of patience and care in watching their plants grow.

Print this activity sheet to bring a touch of magic and greenery into your home or classroom. Enjoy nurturing your fairy gardens together!