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Urban Environmental Education and Community Center

Unlike the other structures in the Garden, the Garden’s proposed Urban Environmental Education and Community Center will be a building with office space (and more) that the ICG staff and visitors can delight in all year round.

On March 9th, ICG got the approval of the Ithaca Common Council to begin seeking funding for the construction of an Urban Environmental Education and Community Center onsite of the Garden. While this approval does not stand for the erection of the physical building, that will need to be acquired during later stages of planning, the ICG team is excited to have the green light on drafting up plans and applying for grants.

In a recent staff meeting, the ICG team brainstormed their ideal center. Enthusiasm and creativity were not in short supply as ideas ranged from a gigantic tree-shaped building to a waterfall off of the roof. The team’s must-haves? LEED-certification, complete accessibility, storage space, office space, and plenty of windows from which to view the gorgeous Garden all year round. Keep your eye out for updates from the ICG team as this dream space becomes closer and closer to reality.

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