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Getting to know your Container Garden

On Friday, June 5, ICG handed off 120 Container Garden kits to the Ithaca City School District to be delivered to students enrolled in the Farm to Table program that Saturday! Each kit contains a 6-pack of basil, nasturtium, kale, and chard baby plants, a

Gardeners to Know and Grow With

Every day people in your neighborhood, in your community, and around the world are planting gardens, tending plants, and harvesting food to share with others. Here we’ll introduce you to four amazing people who have changed the world through gardening: Ron Finley, Karen Washington, Wangari

Nutrition SuperHeroes

Your plants may not be able to fly, they don’t even wear capes, but they pack a powerful punch when it comes to keeping your body healthy and strong. Let’s get to know the superheroes living in your container garden: Basil It smells good, it