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Getting to know your Container Garden

On Friday, June 5, ICG handed off 120 Container Garden kits to the Ithaca City School District to be delivered to students enrolled in the Farm to Table program that Saturday! Each kit contains a 6-pack of basil, nasturtium, kale, and chard baby plants, a 5-gallon container, potting soil mixed with worm casting, and a guide to setting up and caring for the Container Garden, plus extension activities. Below are some videos to help the students prepare their Garden beds.

How to prepare your soil:

How to remove your baby plant from the six-pack container:

Get creative with your container garden!

  • Share your observations and feelings about your container garden and plants with others.
  • Tell a story about your garden and the plants that live there.
  • Write a poem about how your garden makes you feel.
  • Rap or sing about your plants. Jacob was so inspired by the lettuce he was growing he wrote his own song:

Get to know your Garden through journaling:

Gardens can change really fast. Some days they may grow in height, other days you may notice new leaves or flowers. Nature journaling is a great way to keep track of the changes in your plants.

You don’t need anything special to start a journal. Any old notebook works, even just some plain paper, and a pencil!

Every few days, take some time to observe your garden:

  • Have your plants changed at all? How?
  • Draw or write about what you see.
  • Write about what you notice and wonder. Do you have any questions about your plants?
  • Keep a ruler handy and measure how much the plants have grown.

More resources:

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