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How your donation to ICG’s fundraiser makes a lasting impact

By donating to ICG’s annual fundraiser, you help ensure that more children experience the wonders of an unplugged, nature-rich childhood. Imagine a world where kids thrive outdoors, creating, learning, and growing in a natural environment – this is the world you help build with your support.

Last year, your generosity helped us tackle our waitlist challenge head-on. With your donations, we expanded our Summer Camp and After School programs, bringing in an additional long-term Youth Garden Educator. This change made a world of difference, immediately opening doors for more children to explore, connect, and grow in nature’s classroom.

This year, our goal is ambitious but crucial: we aim to raise $45,000 by December 14. Achieving this will unlock a matching gift from Triad Foundation, effectively doubling the impact of your contribution. Your support at this critical time is more than a donation – it’s an investment in a future where the Earth is cradled by hands that learn to love it today.

Learn How Your Donation Empowers Children, Amplifies Impact, and Strengthens Community Ties at ICG:

Impact on Children’s Growth

  • Your contributions bring to life a world of outdoor education, where children engage in hands-on activities like planting, exploring ecosystems, and understanding nature’s cycles – all under the guidance of our dedicated and skilled ICG garden educators. In our lush garden, these young explorers experience the joy of growth – from the sprouting of a seed they’ve planted to the development of their own connection with the natural world.
  • Parents and educators alike share heartwarming stories of children who’ve discovered new passions and respect for nature through these experiences. Every dollar you give nurtures this journey, enriching their lives with lasting lessons and memories made amidst the beauty of our vibrant garden.
Woman holding a baby smiles at the camera. They are seated on a bench outdoors at Ithaca Children's Garden.

Doubling Your Effectiveness

  • Transform your generosity into a wave of change with Triad Foundation’s match. Each dollar you contribute blossoms, doubling in impact and supporting twice as many enriching nature-based education and play experiences for our community’s children.
  • Last year, your donations introduced 11 additional kids to our After School program, sparking new passions for the environment. Seize this unique opportunity to amplify your positive influence. Donate today and witness your contribution grow, fostering young minds and hearts in our vibrant community.

Community and Environmental Connection

  • When you support ICG, you’re nurturing more than a garden; you’re cultivating a community deeply rooted in environmental stewardship. Our garden is a living classroom, where hands-on education blooms amidst the greenery, inspiring the next generation of eco-conscious citizens. Your contributions ensure that this vibrant space continues to thrive, offering a sanctuary for learning, growth, and connection.
  • Here, every plant harvested and lesson taught reinforces our shared bond with nature, fostering a greener, more sustainable future for us all. Become a part of this vibrant growth. Donate, volunteer, or simply visit – every interaction makes a difference in weaving this tapestry of community and environmental harmony.

As we look forward to another year of growth and discovery at ICG, your support is more vital than ever. Together, we can ensure that the wonders of a nature-rich childhood are not just a dream but a reality for more children in Ithaca and beyond.

Remember, with the December 14 deadline fast approaching, now is the perfect time to maximize your impact. Your donation will be matched by the Triad Foundation, doubling your generosity and its effect on young lives and the Garden.

Thank you for being a part of our journey and for supporting the vision we all share – ensuring that every child has the basic human right to play, learn, and grow outdoors, and develop a lifelong relationship with the living world. With you, we do so much more.