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A small child observes a white flower with a small magnifying glass.

After School @ ICG

After School @ ICG Grades K-5 Explore ICG's Outdoor After School Program After School @ ICG in Ithaca, NY, offers a dynamic outdoor nature program for K-5th graders. Serving Tompkins County, this program enriches after-school time with outdoor activities that foster cognitive, social, and physical

Bread Making with Books

Bread is one of the most common foods around the world. It’s a food that connects people across time, geography, and culture. Children can easily help make bread and nothing compares to the aroma of it baking in the oven. Learn about bread through these

Soil Jar Science

Learn what your soil is made of with our Soil Jar Science experiment! Materials: 1 pint or quart glass jar with a tight fitting lid Water Liquid dish soap Soil Shovel or trowel Head outside and dig a hole. Aim to go at least 6-8

Muddy Habitats

Lots of humans of all ages LOVE to play in mud.  Did you know that there are lots of wild animals that NEED muddy places for their survival? When you play at Ithaca Children’s Garden, you have probably splashed in the bioswale, the wet area

Magic Mud

Get messy and make magic with this enchanted activity using household pantry items! Gather what you need: Baking Soda A cup a child can pour from easily A large bowl, metal pie plate, dishpan – something to mix in that you don’t mind getting dirty

Collecting a Journey: Telling the Story of Your Walk

Whether you’re taking a well-worn route around your neighborhood or it’s your first time on a new-to-you forest trail, you can collect items you find along the way to tell a story about your adventure. On your walk, collect items as you go and attach

Setting up a Worm Compost Bin

Not only are worms wiggly and cute, but they are also SUPER useful to keep around the house! Worms will eat your food scraps and produce rich, beautiful compost that is amazingly healthy good for plants. Materials: Some sort of box or bin, that has

Nutrition SuperHeroes

Your plants may not be able to fly, they don’t even wear capes, but they pack a powerful punch when it comes to keeping your body healthy and strong. Let’s get to know the superheroes living in your container garden: Basil It smells good, it