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Fairy Dust

Fairy dust comes in handy! It’s great for making wishes or sending good luck in someone’s way.  You can sprinkle it in or near your fairy house as a gift to the fairies or on a walk to send good wishes into the world. If

Fairy Wands

A week of fairy activities isn’t complete without building a fairy wand! Materials: Stick, about 12 inches long Decorating materials: ribbon, twine or wire; beads, bells, gems, or crystals; sparkles: glitter, glitter glue, sequins Adventurous additions: hot glue, air-dry clay, paint The Steps: Go outside

Fairy Wings

Building fairy wings is the perfect creative activity to help your little one feel magical! What you need: Cardboard or poster board (any large piece of stiff paper) Scissors Hole punch (you can use scissors if you don’t have a hole punch) Yarn, string, or

More activities with natural materials!

We’re always inspired by the other educators and nature play advocates who share their tips and activities. Here we’ve compiled some fairy-themed and natural materials activities from others we love! A Fairy House feeling a bit small? Build a Fairy Park! Time: 1 hourLocation: Outside

Fairy Houses!

Spring is a magical time when fairies visit the human world often.  We can invite them into our yards, gardens, and neighborhoods by creating homes and gifts for them. Although they are shy and often hide from humans if you look closely you may see