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Easy Fall Craft for Kids to Do At Home

How to make crayon leaf rubbings

Get in the Autumn mood and enjoy time outdoors as a family this season with this fun, creative autumn project for students of all ages. This crayon leaf rubbing craft comes recommended to you by Jason McClevish, ICG’s Playful Nature Explorers Co-Lead and Operations Manager. 

This fall-themed craft requires no special tools or skills, so anyone can make it! 

Crafting Hack: To get the most out of this activity with family, focus on the process over the product. 

You will need: 

  • Any hard, flat surface
  • A crayon
  • Paper
  • And leaves!

Here’s the steps:

  1. First: Go on a leaf hunt outside, gathering a variety of leaves. Make sure to pick up only the ones you find on the ground. (Chant this: “If it’s on a tree, leave it be.”) 
  2. Then: Select a leaf from your trove, set it on the flat surface, then place the paper over top. 
  3. Next: Using the side of the crayon, rub over the paper.

Keeping the process in mind: 

  • If you’re doing a leaf-rubbing for the first time ever or doing this activity with a child, encourage them to experiment with varying:
    • Pressure
    • Crayon grip
    • Leaves
    • Colors

Extend the fun:

  • Try different kinds of paper. Does one kind of paper work better than another? If so, why do they think that is?
  • Experiment with watercolor!
    • Ask questions and encourage them to make observations. In what ways is painting with watercolor different from using crayon? How are they similar? Return to the above list and conduct a watercolor experiment. 

Did you enjoy this activity? Let us know in the comments below. Photos from craft-time can be shared with us using or on social media with the hashtag, #ithacachildrensgarden

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