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Playful Nature Preschool Visits Indian Creek Farm

Last week, Playful Nature Explorers Preschool went on a field trip to Indian Creek Farm to see, pick, and taste local apples right at the source. This is part of PNE’s Fall curriculum that includes going over Fall garden harvestables. The curriculum began by learning about the “harvest moon” which was named by early farmers who used the light of the full moon to harvest crops when light was scarce. Since then, Playful Nature Explorers have learned about squash, corn, and apples: their life cycles, uses, anatomy, and the methods used to grow and harvest them. For the field trip, many parents joined in the fun to see harvest process in practice at Indian Creek Farm and taste all the different varieties of apples that they grow. Afterwards, the Explorers used the apples they had harvested to make applesauce which each child got to take home.

Check out photos from Playful Nature’s trip to Indian Creek Farm, courtesy of Alicia Dianne Photography.

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