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Flashback February with Playful Nature Explorers

As our staff gear up for Playful Nature Explorers’ return March 1st, we’ve been busy onboarding our new educators, Kelsey Brewster and Jason McClevish.

An unexpected delight of orienting new staff for an ICG signature program is revisiting past years’ adventures.  We’ve been exploring old caregiver newsletters and browsing photo albums.  It turns out that the shortest month of the year is one of the most fun at Playful Nature. 

Sometimes you want to create art, but all the paint is frozen.  

Small child spraying snow with colored water.

Roasting apples on the fire is the best snack. 

A child accompanied beside an adult roasts an apple over a small fire pit.

In years that spring comes early, we start tapping the maples.

Forest exploring on the Black Diamond Trail is always an adventure.

Small child stepping onto a snow covered log.
Small child climbing onto a large log.

On bitter, windy days, strapping on some wings lets you fly inside. 

Small child wearing butterfly wings.

Exploring who we share the Garden habitat with through animal tracking. 

Two small children tracking animals in snow.

It will be March when Playful Nature returns to the Garden but these February flashbacks propel us forward to the promise of spring and the adventures and explorations that lay ahead.

Learn more about Playful Nature Explorers, register online, or drop us a line at if you have any questions.