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More at home bird activities

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology Bird Academy Play Lab has so many fun games that explore flight, song, dance, feathers, and so much more!

Shoebox Birdfeeder

Invite nature to you by making a birdfeeder from a recycled shoe box lid! Find the full activity here.

Materials: peanut/sun butter, birdseed, shoebox, marker, hole punch, twine/string

Activities from the National Audubon Society

Prevent bird collisions by making bird-shaped window decals. Materials: Elmer’s glue, dish soap, plastic wrap, paintbrush, markers for decorating.

Invite birds to your backyard – and make your visitors very happy! – by stringing nuts and berries around a bush or railing. Materials: needle, thread, peanuts, cranberries.

Use an old cake pan to make a DIY bird-bath in your backyard! Materials: old pan, water, rocks or a flat stone.

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