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Mud Painting

Mud paint is easy to make and a great way to celebrate mud! It makes beautiful, rich earthy shades of color and you can paint paper, large sheets of fabric, or even your body.


  • Soil
  • Water
  • Bowls or cups to hold paint
  • Washable paint

The steps:

First, collect some soil or mud.

Add water and mix to make paint-like consistency.

If you’d like to make finger paint, use less water and stir until the mud has a pudding-like consistency.

If your mud contains rocks or plant matter, you can strain it into a colander.

Separate your mud mixture into smaller containers – one for each color you want to make. Then, add a different paint color to each container.

Mix the paint, adding more or less paint to get your desired color. The ratio of soil to paint will influence your final colors. More soil will make the colors brownish with an undertone of color. More paint and water will make brighter earthy tone colors similar to those in this photo.

Use the paint any way you wish: on paper, an old sheet, your sidewalk, or even on your body!

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